Pride Drag Brunch 2018 – Sunday 24th June @ 3pm

Pride Drag Brunch Line Up

With this lot it’s going to be stormy!!!

This Sunday, for our Pride Drag Brunch, Host / DJ / Fashion Guru / Jeremy Kyle regular / Love Island Sexpert Davina Devine is joined by bearded stunt-woman Dolly Grip, part-qualified Proctologist Sophia Harte (she’s still in training and is looking for cadavers), AirBNB saleswoman Mizzaqueerius and special guest, on day release from Mountjoy where she’s serving life for fluffing her lines, Alexis McQueen. Brunch from 2:15pm, mayhem from 3pm (or when they finally get there). Cocktails and Beers all day long and #MoreFromFour where you can get 2 for €12 on our list cocktails from 4pm to 7pm.

Book a table online below or just come on down and join in with the craic and win a cocktail or two (not for little ears or small minds).