Drag Brunch @ Bow Lane – Dublin – Late Night Cocktail Bar

Drag Brunch @ Bow Lane

Drag Brunch is held at Bow Lane on the second to last Sunday every month (actual date see below). Join host Davina Devine and her entourage of gorgeous galls* in a riotous assembly of disco hits, lip-sync kitsch, foul language, fashion tips, sexual education and of course the ritual humiliation of any poor guy who wonders innocently into their web. Ring-side tables for brunch available from 2:15pm book online. Models may appear female, but they really are not, handle with extreme caution! When you book a table there is a minimum 1 main course per person charge at Drag Brunch.

Next Drag Brunch

Sunday 17th February 2019*

*Bookings Open on Monday 28th Jan…for the best tables book early

Drag Brunch Menu

eye openers

Bow Lane Bleedin’ Maire 10

pepper vodka / hot sauce / tomato juice / Worcestershire sauce / balsamic / fresh basil / old bay spice / celery stick / salt

Bowlini 9.5

prosecco / peach puree/crème de mure

Mimosa 9.5

prosecco / fresh orange juice / cointreau

Prosecco 8

so prosecco (Italy)

Freshly squeezed Orange juice 3.5

no booze drinks

Not So Bloody Bleedin’ Maire 6

tomato / lemon / hot sauce / Worcestershire / balsamic reduction / basil / salt / pepper

Cool to be Cooler 6

mint / cucumber / lemon / gomme / elderflower / tonic

Tropical Smash 6

passionfruit / ruby grapefruit / blood orange / lime / apple / lemonade

Lavender Lemonade 6

lavender / honey / lemon / soda


Sloe-Down Pal 11.5

plymouth sloe gin, campari, red wine, tonic

Dublin To Paris 12

teelings small batch, red wine, sugar, peach, angostura

Winter Nightcap 11

jameson, citric, xmas sugar, applemans, winter foam

Vodka And Black 12

currant absolut, sloe gin, tea, sugar, citric, currant, charcoal

Siberian Express 11

mandarin absolut, green chartreuse, honey, apple, mint, citric, bitters

Rosé All Day 10.5

olmeca, rose, hibiscus, sugar, citric, rosé

Just Here For The Craic 11

teelings poitin, cirtic, honey, hibiscus n cayenne, ginger

Lady In Pink 10

beefeater pink, rhubarb, citrus, sugar, whites, yellow chartreuse

Mr. Biscuitz 11

cognac, amaretto, orgeat, almond milk, chocolate bitters

brunch goodies

Crispy Duck 15

salt ‘n’ chili chips, hoisin jus, poached egg

Breakfast Hash 14.5

w/ chorizo, butternut squash, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, 5 mile town goats cheese, poached egg

Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings 14

celery, danish blue dip

Eggs Benedict Choose from:

Ham Hock 13.5

Crab Cakes 14

Smoked Salmon 14

Florentine 12.5

w/ english muffin, baby spinach, poached eggs, hollandaise all served with paprika roasties

Dahl Curry 14

squash, peppers, chickpeas, kaffir, coconut milk, tamarind, coriander chutney, fried bread

BBQ Back Ribs 16

BBQ sauce, slaw, fries

Fried Chicken Burger 15

w/ bacon relish, pepper jack cheese, secret sauce, brioche bap

Prawn Poke Bowl (Chilled Prawn Salad) 14.5

w/ edamame beans, wild rice, avocado salsa, cucumber, raw slaw, radishes, toasted seeds. (also available with tofu instead of prawns)


avocado salsa 3.5 – paprika roasties 3.5 – slaw 3 skin on chips 3.5 – buttered spinach 2.5 – salt ‘n’ chilli chips 4.5

wines - bubbles

bubbles (btl/gls)

So Prosecco (Italy) 8 / 37

Carles Andreu Cava Brut (Spain) 55

wines - whites

whites (btl/gls)

Petit Paul (Languedoc – Colombard / Vermintino) 7 / 28

Salomé (Pays d’Oc – Sauvignon Blanc) 7.5 / 30

Pecile (Italy – Pinot Grigio) 8 / 31.5

Meyer Fonné (Alsace – Riesling) 8.5 / 33.5

Little Rascal (Australia – Chardonnay 8 / 32

Stables (New Zealand – Sauvignon Blanc) 9.5 / 38

Coriole (Australia – Chenin Blanc) 36

Val do Sosego (Spain – Albarino) 39

Broglia (Italy – Cortese) 48.5

wines - reds

reds (btl/gls)

Bodegas Mano a Mano “1605” (Spain/Tempranillo) 7 / 28

Costadoro (Italy – Montepulciano) 8 / 31

Salomé (Pays d’Oc – Merlot) 8 / 34

Gougenheim (Argentina – Malbec) 8.5 / 36

Four Sisters (Australia – Shiraz) 9 / 36

Henry’s Hills (New Zealand – Pinot Noir) 9.5 / 38

La Vigne de Sammarco (Italy – Primitivo) 38

Korta Reserve (Chile – Carmenere) 41

Château Tour du Pas Saint-Georges 2012 (Saint- Georges Saint-Émilion AOC – Merlot/ Cab Sav) 52.5

Offley LBV Port 9


Chocolate Pave 7

w/ vanilla ice cream

Mini Doughnuts 7.5

nutella & mini marshmallow

Ice Cream & Sorbet 6.5

Please note if you’ve seen a price increase this is due to a 50% increase in VAT imposed by the Government. We haven’t put the prices up – the Government have.

A discretionary service charge of 12.5% will be added to parties of 6 or more

Bow Lane 17/18 Aungier Street, Dublin, D02 XF38

Tel: +353 (0)1 478 9489 | Email: book@bowlane.ie | Web: www.bowlane.ie

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Book A Table for Drag Brunch

The bookings for Drag Brunch Open 21 days ahead of the next event. You have a choice of two table types:

Book a Premium Table

Book a non-premium Table

Premium Tables sell out quickly and are our “ring-side” tables with a view of the show. If there are no premium tables left try booking a non-premium table instead.

Non-premium tables do not have a view of the show but you are welcome to go and view the show when it starts at around 4pm.