Bow Lane Grill

Whitefriar Grill is now Bow Lane Grill

Whitefriar Grill has merged with Bow Lane to bring an improved dining experience to all our customers across the years.

It’s a little sad to say good bye to a well loved brand especially when a place means so many happy memories to so many people. Perhaps you could see it this way: Whitefriar Grill isn’t at an end, just a new beginning.

We know that Whitefriar Grill has a huge and loyal following from the diners of Dublin and afar, but in the current times it makes sense to bring the quality dining at great value that WFG has been renowned for to the whole of Bow Lane. It also means that the quality cocktails and drinks and especially popular offerings in Bow Lane can be extended to diners in Whitefriar Grill, like the great fun Bottomless Boozy Brunch.

Geoff Nordell, patron of both places is still at the helm of the merged kitchen. Whitefriar Grill will be renamed Bow Lane Grill. Customers familiar with Whitefriar Grill will see that the room has more comfortable seating options, more space and a new room where the kitchen used to be. This also means that the room will be quieter and warmer and cosier in the winter months.

You’ll find the food offerings with be the same, though to begin with the opening times will be Wednesday to Saturday for dinner and Saturday and Sunday for Brunch.